• Casio MJ-120GST GST Calculator (Black)

    • GST Calculator for Easy and Fast GST Calculation (Price Plus GST, Price Less GST, and Total GST Calculation)
    • 5 Dedicated GST Slab Keys with prestored values 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% for slab wise GST Calculation. Rates are changeable as per industry requirement
    • GST GT Key and 5 GST Slab Keys for Grand Total of Net, Gross and GST Amount
    • +/- and Square Root Key
    • 200 Steps Check and Correct for reviewing your inputs and correction if required
    • Round and Decimal Selector. Indian Comma Marker to read numbers in Lakh, and Crore
    • Best Calculator for GST Calculation for Office and Retail
    • Plastic Keys. Extra Large Display
    • 12 Digit Display. Dual Power – Battery and Solar, 3 Year warranty
    • Dimensions: 153.5×126.5×29.8mm, Screen Size: 22.9 mm x 94 mm
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